Sumatran Orangutan 

Conservation Foundation

In this class project, the prompt was to create a mockup layout design for a non-for-profit organization website. We could redesign an already existing foundation, or we could create one of our own. I created this mock organization catering to the protection and conservation of the endangered Sumatran Orangutan apes.  

Asset 7.png
Asset 5.png
Asset 4.png
Asset 7.png
Asset 8.png

Logo Process

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Foundation

To create this mock non-for-profit organization, the color palette was kept subtle. There is a contrast between the main colors of the brand(orange, white and green) that adds variety and interest. A shortened logo, type logo and vector image were created to represent the brand. 

Next, A Diagram

Organization Site Navigation Diagram

Then a web diagram of the site's navigation was created to map out where the user would move through the web pages. This diagram contains the names of the webpages, and the possible subpages they can navigate to .


Final Pages