REI Logo Redesign

During my junior year of university, I was in a strategic communications class covering the topic of art direction. The main objective of the class was for us to chose a current, existing brand that we would like to redesign. I chose REI, the outdoor supplies co-op that helped me out on many of my hikes and outdoor adventures growing up. I like the logo they currently have, but I feel like it could be pushed much further. 

Sketches for Logo

Step 1

I started off by sketching the logo in various forms, using the letters as my primary base and trying to incorporate the outdoor elements of the brand.  

AAAREI Three Logos-01.png

Step 2

Then, I created vectorized forms of the sketches and narrowed them down into three different logos that I favored the most. 

AAAREI Final Logo-01.png

Step 3

My fellow students participated in narrowing the logo options. The tent image paid homage to traditional camping and the feeling of nostalgic exploration of nature. This is one of the values I wanted to be closely associated with the brand. I used muted colors to reflect this natural, vintage aesthetic. 

Step 4

Launch a campaign using the new logo that will attract the attention of its current audience and possibly lead to new customers.  

Asset 1.png

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