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My Little Drawings


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I think I love donuts so much because they come in all shapes and sizes, you can eat them at any time of day and they always come with a pleasing aesthetic.

I have a passion for black cold brew coffee. It definitely gets me through those long days. 

This drawing summarizes the sort of random creative process that flows through my brain. It is a collection of random things that make me who I am.

Mental health advocacy is very important to me. In this illustration, I put together different methods by which people cope with their mental health issues. These being: escapism, entertainment, medication, hobbies and food to name a few.

If The Person You Care About Is In Crisis, Please Encourage Them To Seek Help Immediately. Direct Them To Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) To Reach A

24-Hour Crisis Center, Text MHA To 741741, Call 911, Or Go To The Nearest Emergency Room.  

I created this as a drawing for my sister. The venus fly trap has always been such an interesting plant to me. It has power and beauty. I also added these various sushi bites to add a playful nature to the piece. 

The Kill Bill movies are some of my favorite pieces of cinematography. The violence juxtaposed with intelligent use of color and contrast make this movie one of my tops.

This piece was created as cover art for my friend Grant Sharple's EP. He goes by G# and creates amazing music that combines instrumentals with a slight electronic twist. This was a cool opportunity and the EP is on Spotify and Apple Music now if you feel inclined to listen! It's amazing! 

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Pizza and beer is a match made in heaven.