Student Affairs Center

During my 2018 - 2019 junior year of college, I had the privilege to work as a graphic design intern in the marketing department of the Student Affairs center at the University of Missouri.  During this internship, I got to work on projects spanning from promotional flyers and posters for various campus dining facilities to motion graphics to be used on social media. Due to the marketing department being a blend of designers and business and marketing interns, I was also able to work on some copywriting. (The Missouri logo was not my creation) 


Posters & Signage

For this project, I was tasked with designing and redesigning some posters for Mizzou's recreational facility. These promotional posters helped students understand Mizzou Rec's hours of operation during breaks, workout class structure and pool operating hours to name a few. Mizzou has very specific brand standards, and it was super fun to learn about how to operate within the bounds of that. Mizzou provided us with a serious of textures and graphics that we could alter and add into our posters as well. 


Business Card Design

Designed and created layout on business cards for Mizzou wheelchair basketball coach Ron Lykins. Structured type, arranged sizing/printing of cards and created illustrations to give visual dynamics. For these cards, I created two versions: one being more simple and geometric and the other using a more illustrative approach. In the end, coach Ron decided on the more simple style and we had the cards printed for him to promote his coaching. Ron Lykins was chosen to be the U.S. Men's National Wheelchair Basketball head coach in January of 2013. He had previously coached the women's team to a pair of gold medals at the Athens and Beijing Paralympic Games. 


Campus Coffee Shop Drink Promotion

This was one of my favorite projects I did during this internship. We created this project as a collaborative work in terms of the copy and structure, but I was given free reigns on the creative execution for the project. I designed each individual drink illustration along with an accompanying chart that helps one to identify the drink that fits with their zodiac sign. After the team posted this project on the campus dining instagram account, it had a good amount of engagement. The fun part about this project was that I got to write copy for two of the signs: 


A Scorpio loves a passionate secret menu affair. The loyal connection of delicate aphrodisiac chocolate flavor and powerful chai spice proves the perfect drink for this spicy sign. It will always be loyal to your palate.


A Virgo appreciates the fine craft put into making something beautiful. A cold brew coffee uses time rather than heat to brew a rich, smooth flavor worth the wait. Not to mention, the Cold Brew's richness will give a fine boost to conquer all this Earth sign's ambitions.

CDS - Drink Animated Project


I made it my goal during my time as a Student Affairs Marketing Department design intern to incorporate more motion into the graphics that I created for promotional purposes. This opportunity presented itself through several projects involving promotion of campus dining drink services across campus. During these projects, we were allowed the creative freedom to reinvent the promotion through animated graphics.  

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 9.31.59 PM.png

Campus Dining Services

Social Graphic

Green Tea Graphic

Employee Appreciation

Sale Graphic

This graphic was created to promote a sale for University employees at the MU Student Center store. This design was an update from an outdated graphic used in previous employee sales. The prompt was to create something that revolved around the winter holiday, but nothing that was associated with a certain religious holiday(so that it remained all-inclusive). I created the graphic and arranged the type. Once the sale was over, the graphic was later reused for a 'Winter Weather Update" social media post letting students know about schedule changes due to snow. The graphic originally was created with a variety of colors, but the final edit was changed to express the University of Missouri black and gold.    


Mizzou Market Product Promotion Print Graphics

Graphics and designs created for the Mizzou Market, an on campus market that sells various snacks and drinks. Two products I had the chance to work on were Chips Ahoy and Chex Mix. These designs were created to be printed and posted around the market as promotional flyers. The goal of these flyers was to promote product deals and gain student attention towards these.