McCann: Spotify

Over the summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan with other students from the University of Missouri Journalism School. Through the program, we stayed a month in the city. In the first part, we took a Japanese culture course to learn more about the people there, and during the second half, we worked in an internship with the agency McCann.  


At this agency, we were assigned the client Spotify. Our goal was to create an ad campaign marking new  podcast content targeted at the young adult and youth market of Tokyo. We worked with local students at Waseda University in this campaign. In this campaign, we worked together to compile strategies and content ideas aimed at promoting the growing market of podcasts.  

Asset 1.png

Campaign Designs

Designs and spreads for the Spotify campaign book. This campaign allowed me to combine my abilities in Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. The project also taught our team so much about branding and adapting to a company's brand standards while remaining creative and diverse. The team working on this campaign was comprised of students from Mizzou and the local Waseda University in Tokyo.  


Other Assets

These are additional graphics that I created for this campaign. Present here are:

1. The podcast logo I created for this campaign that we changed to "Spotcasts" to give the name a unique feel and differ this Spotify podcast content from that of competitors like apple podcasts and audible. 

2. The red bean team logo I created to represent our team during this campaign. We were assigned the color red as our team identifier in the beginning, and we decided to use the red bean, a popular Japanese ingredient for many delicious foods, as our logo. 

3. An alternate demonstration for out of home ads this campaign could implement. These posters were aimed at promoting the proposed live event we wanted to create for Spotify podcasts.